The Benefits Of a Long Range Baby Monitor

Baby video monitors allow us to keep an eye on our precious bundles of joy from different rooms in the house. They can be a great step forward for both the safety and development of the baby, infants and toddlers.

a baby video monitor helps you see your kidsIt’s great to be able to let your kids play in their room all by themselves while you get some housework done.

And the best part is that a long range baby monitor won’t let you to worry about not being able to see what they’re getting their mischievous little hands into that can possibly hurt them.

Choosing The Right Video Monitor For Your Baby

Although hi-tech devices are practically an essential part of parenting these days, all video monitors are not created equal. Some have low picture quality, while other long range monitors can be used virtually anywhere in your home.

If you’re going to bring a baby monitor into your home, you should purchase one that is made with quality and works well in the whole house.

It definitely pays to spring for quality products when it comes to baby products, and this is definitely one of those “quality is best” items. If a baby monitor isn’t good, you’d better don’t get it as you won’t be able to clearly see what your kids are doing in their rooms.

long rangeA quality made, long range baby monitor will allow you to get things done in any room of the house.

  • Need to go downstairs and do some laundry? No problem.
  • Want to start dinner while your toddler is having a tea party in her room with stuffed animals? Go for it.

Who wants to spend money on gadgets that stop working if you walk up the hall? Aren’t they meant to help us protect our children at all times? That’s hard to do if it doesn’t work two rooms away.

A long range baby monitor gives you the freedom to go anywhere in the house while your baby is napping or your toddler is playing. You’ll never have to wonder if the monitor is still working, or if it froze because you went a couple of feet too far. I hate those out-of-range-warnings more than everything!

Did You Know That a Long Range Baby Monitor Can Improve Sleep?

The right video baby monitor can also help both you and your baby sleep a lot better, while providing you with the peace of mind that your kid is monitor for better sleep

The receiving end of the device will alert you anytime a noise is detected in your baby’s room at night. This feature allows you to simply open your eyes to see if your baby really needs you to check on them.

Why this is important?

When babies and toddlers are sleeping they will often wake up for a few minutes and fall right back to sleep. If you have to walk in the room, that’s it, the baby is awake and you’ll have to soothe them back to sleep.

However, if you’re able to just watch them on the monitor in the comfort of your own bed, chances are your baby will drift back to sleep within minutes on its own, and so will you. A long range baby monitor could be just what your family needs to achieve a full night of quality sleep.

Important: Always Make Sure You Have A Secure Connection When You’re Transmitting Video Data

Unfortunately, we live in a world where almost any device with a camera can be hacked into so it is extremely important that you make sure your video baby monitor is secured and cannot be hacked by someone trying to spy on you and your home.

Technically, almost anything that transmits data over Wi-Fi can be hacked especially if connection is not protected with strong passwords.

Wired devices do not use wi-fi connection and so can not be hacked. They transmit signals via closed circuit and so you won’t have to worry about security at all.

However, there are a few drawbacks to using wired video monitors in your house:

  • You can’t view the video from a wireless device such as a smart phone or tablet
  • They can provide better image quality but the range they operate in is limited.

If you decide that a baby monitor with wi-fi capabilities is better for your family due to longer range functions, there are some things that you can do to ensure that your connection is as secure as possible.

As soon as you purchase the device you should register it to make sure your system is up to date on all of the new security software. Install a firewall to protect all of your wireless devices from connection hacks, and create a password for the router that’s being used in your house. Your wi-fi should be set up with encryption, SSID, and WPA2 to protect your home from wi-fi hackers. If you’re not sure how to check for this, call your wi-fi provider and ask them to walk you through it.

long range baby monitorThe Benefits Of Having A Long Range Video Monitor

A long range baby monitor should work in virtually any room of your house, including your backyard thus providing you with the freedom of being able to go anywhere in your house, while keeping a close eye on your child. The picture, in most of cases, will be crystal clear allowing you not to miss anything that’s going on in your child’s room.

The end result is a piece of mind and better sleep for you and your kids.