Are Nanny Cams a Good Option For Protecting Your Children’s Safety?

While they’re officially called “indoor security cameras” within the marketplace, most people are familiar with them as “nanny cams.” These video cameras are often used by parents who want to keep tabs on the activities and practices of the caretakers they’ve hired to watch over loved ones — namely, their children.

At the end of the day, there’s always going to be some level of concern when you allow someone outside of your family to care for someone in your family. Many people believe that using a nanny cam is one of the best ways to ensure your children are being cared for consistently, effectively, and safely. In other words, it’s a safeguard for protecting your children from any abusive or neglectful situations.

In fact, some parents will tell you that the presence of a nanny cam will eliminate any potential wrongdoing by a caregiver. They will often tell a caretaker that there are cameras installed in the home, though the parents will say it’s there merely for home security purposes. But both the parents and the caretaker know that these cameras will act as a preemptive deterrent from anything bad ever taking place in the home.

What Makes Nanny Cams A Good Option?

To that end, many of the nanny cams are brilliantly constructed in such a way that a babysitter would never realize they could be looking right at the camera.

Nanny Spy Camera AdapterTake, for instance, this USB Wall Plug Charger Adapter With Hidden Camera, rated by several consumer product review websites as one of the best and most effective nanny cams available.

The device itself looks like a square AC Adaptor that you’d otherwise plug into some other larger appliance. Unless someone knew better, they would never see that there’s a hidden camera peering out through the hole right in the center of the device.

Recording at 1080p resolution, the device can show details and movement quite well — better than many of its competitors in the market. That’s perfect for ensuring that any wrongdoing won’t be missed because it happened in the low light. Many reviews also praise the easy setup as it works right out of the box.

Wi-Fi Hidden Camera ClockThen there’s the Eyeclub Spy Clock, which, as the name and design would imply, looks like nothing more than your standard run-of-the-mill LCD alarm clock. Yet, the device not only features a powerful, high-resolution hidden camera, but also integrates with your smartphone through downloadable applications, making the video imaging available to you anywhere you might have cell phone service. The app also allows for great customization options; i.e., you can set schedules for the device to start and stop recording based on your potential caregiver’s schedule.

Can’t You Just Use A Video Baby Monitors Instead?

For those people who don’t want to devote the additional money towards purchasing a nanny cam, but would still like to have a way to visually ensure their child is being properly taken care of, there’s a very simple solution that many parents already have in their home today: video baby monitors.

Obviously, parents originally purchase these devices to ensure their children’s safety when they’re alone in their room after bedtime. But since these cameras are already showing a video feed of what’s happening to a child when they’re sleeping, it would make sense that these cameras could also be used to monitor what’s happening to a child when they’re being watched by someone else other than the parent.

Nanny Cams vs. Video Baby Monitors

Because of the specific features that are inherently important to video baby monitors, they may provide superior visual surveillance of the home and the caretaker, in comparison to nanny cams.

video monitor with tilt pan and zoom

  • For instance, most video baby monitors have the capability of tilting, zooming, or panning, because parents want to have a comprehensive view of their child and make sure there is nothing harmful around them.
  • Also, video baby monitors have excellent functionality for recording in the dark, because they’re particularly designed to record a child sleeping in their room with the lights of.
  • Moreover, some video baby monitors not only have thermal sensors which can monitor a room’s temperature but even have two-way communication functionalities (like a cell phone or a walkie-talkie).

This is great for parents who want to be able to soothingly speak to their child, or even sing them a lullaby as they go to sleep, without having to be in the room themselves. But in the case of overseeing a caretaker, these functions can ensure that a child is totally safe and comfortable when the parents aren’t at home, and even directly and immediately communicate with the caretaker.

However, the key drawback to using a video baby monitor as a de facto nanny cam is probably the most obvious: parents can only see what the cam allows them to see.

  • Baby video monitors are somewhat easy to spot, so they could move them around as they see fit.

If a caretaker happens to move a video monitor in a direction where things may not be visible, or even decides to turn it off, there’s nothing parents can do about it. Conversely, nanny cams are specifically designed to be discrete, thereby preventing any potential withholding or tampering with the recordings.

Which Recording Device Is Best For You?

At a basic level, the decision between purchasing a full-blown indoor security camera system, versus relying on the video baby monitor your might have, it really comes down to what you’re most concerned about.

If you’re looking to keep an eye on your children while they’re sleeping or playing in their room, then a video baby monitor is your best choice. That’s exactly what video they were designed to accomplish.

But if you’re looking to keep an eye on what’s going on throughout your home – i.e., to see what your children are doing when they’re not in their bedroom, or to see how much care your caretaker is providing to your child when you’re not home – then it would be better for you to purchase a more comprehensive surveillance system like a nanny cam.

It’s probably not wise to try and purchase one device, with the purpose of accomplishing both goals.

So, it’s best to decide how closely you want to keep an eye on your children and your home when you’re not in it, and how much you trust and value you have in the caretaker you’ve hired.

There’s no right or wrong way to approach this. It just depends on your personal parenting philosophy. In other words, it’s all about whatever makes you feel safest.